Dear all,

I have now completed my master's program and am no longer living in Hangzhou, which unfortunately means I can no longer give tours. Thanks to all those who supported the tours. I still believe much of the content on this site is useful, such as the information section and the hangzhou transportation tips, so I have left the site up. I hope to make tour information available in the future in an app format, but for now I regret there will be no more personally-guided tours.

Yours Sincerely,
Danielle Hochstetter

If you aren't familiar with Hangzhou check out this video.

If you are visiting our beautiful city of Hangzhou (pronounced Hang, with the a sound the same as in father and -zhou pronounced much like "Joe" (hangzhou) and are interested in getting a behind-the-scenes tour of Hangzhou's tea culture, please read on or contact us today to book a tour.
For information on how to get to Hangzhou from Shanghai, Suzhou, and the Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport, see our Get Here section. If you can't make it to China or Hangzhou anytime soon, you can explore Hangzhou in our photo gallery. Read here for an introduction to Hangzhou and it's tea.
I also wanted to say that your tour was a highlight of my trip. It was lovely meeting you, and I learned so much. You gave me access to places, people and info I would have never found. The map you gave me is also one of my favourite souvenirs. I'm having it framed! -Denyse J.

Not only is Danielle a world class tea expert but a phenomenally nice and generous person. My friends and I spent a delightful day exploring the city and tea world of Hangzhou with Danielle as our personal Chinese language, culture, and tea specialist. She took us to many charming tea houses and tea shops, which we certainly would never have found by ourselves. Her knowledge about and connections with the Chinese tea world made for an unforgettable experience in one of the worlds richest tea environments. Thanks Danielle!"
Thomas Keating

After spending 1 month traveling around southern China in search of the best tea the country had to offer, I found it in China with Danielle. Not only did she take us to some of the best tea shops I have been to, but she was able to perfectly translate in between my group and the tea shop owners. With the language barrier removed, we were able to taste some of the freshest green teas, to the heartiest puers and everything in between while learning about tea both from the shop owners and Danielle as well. If you're ever in Hangzhou, do yourself a favor and give Danielle a call! Marlon

We provide half day and full day tours. Half day tours include a guided, educational tea tasting with information about the history of tea in China, its parallels to wine, how to judge tea, and more. If you are a regular tea drinker, we can help you find new teas you might like. If this is your first trip to China and you are new to tea, an afternoon with me will give you an in-depth understanding of the most popular drink in China. See the tours page for more details or contact us to book a tour

About Your Guide

Who am I?

I am an American who moved to China because of my love of tea. I am fluent in Chinese and extremely knowledgeable about Hangzhou's best tea houses and restaurants, having spent over 4 years searching and reviewing them. A teacher at heart, I love sharing tea knowledge and Hangzhou's hidden gems with travelers.
I also believe your time is valuable and do not get commission from purchases you make on our tours, a practice common on many tours. We choose to work with tea houses based on the quality of their tea and service, not on guanxi, the Chinese version of networking. We strive to design tours that will fit your needs, so if you want to do or see something tea-related that is not included in one of our tours packages, please contact me directly.


Danielle was by far the best tour guide we had in China. She's a native English speaker, very fluent in Chinese, and her tea knowledge is impeccable. If you want to learn about tea in China, from an introduction up to more advanced levels of knowledge, Danielle is your girl! She will show you the best teahouses, share her knowledge, and she has a palette for seeking out quality tea at fair prices. --Dylan, Age 21, USA
"Danielle is by far the best tour guide we've had in China. She personally knows the owners of the best tea houses in Hangzhou and got us amazing deals. We had many questions about tea and tea culture, and she was able to be extremely informative. She has a warm personality and will give you a fantastic learning experience whether you know nothing about tea or are a seasoned tea expert. I wish we had met up with her earlier and saved money on our larger tea purchases throughout China." Matthew Nishiguchi

To schedule a tour contact me at:

Phone (in China): 13819171044
(in United States): (704) 951-7838